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5 Tips on Getting Your Construction Bond Approved

Big construction works are a very risky kind of business, therefore such projects require the individual or construction company to cushion themselves against extreme events which can cause disruptions to the effective execution of the said job. It is very important for a company to show that it is worth to be given a bond for its projects. Below are five tips which can help a construction company to get its bond approved.

1. Give a convincing statement

Regardless of whether your company is financially stable or not, you must clearly demonstrate this to the bonding company. Make sure that your financial statements are complete, honest, clear and accurate. Submit these to the bonding company alongside any other documents as required.  Here is how to prepare a financial statement.

2. Have a strong capital base

Whether a bonding company will give you a bond or not depends on the working capital available. This is defined by the difference between the current assets and current liabilities. Always make sure that your currents assets are readily available and can easily be converted to liquid cash. Bonding companies normally discount riskier assets hence the need to increase collection of receivables and maybe consider replacing a short term loan with a loan term one.

3. Ensure your net worth and profitability is not wanting

Factors such as bonuses and overhead costs affect the profitability of a company, hence the need to make sure that they are well managed as they are a key indicator of the financial stability of your business. Even though bonding companies discount risky assets, it is important to eliminate these from your balance sheet and instead reinvest your profits to increase your chances for bonds. Your net worth is an indicator of your ability to manage losses when they occur hence the need to keep it in check.

4. Keep updates of your work progress

Financial strength is very key when looking for a bond. Aspects such as subsiding of the company’s gross profits during the course of an ongoing project shows inaccurate estimations and poor project management. The estimation should neither be too high as this translates to over billing of projects to compensate the subsiding gross profit or too low leading to cost over runs. Make sure that your estimation and project management process are carefully managed by preparing timely and accurate work in progress reports. This will add bonding confidence.

5. Always have a back up plan

Even though one has laid out plans for their companies, it is important to consider all possibilities which might lead to unexpected bad financial news which is not good for bonding companies. Ensure that you have a succession plan in place and your long term prospects are always strong. Be in constant communication with the bonding company regarding developments or situations affecting your company’s financial performance. This not only increases the bonding company comfort but also indicates your good will hence providing an opportunity to give a turn around strategy to the bonding company

Employment of the above tips will not only help you in getting bond sureties but also attract customers, investors and lenders to your business which will ensure consistent workflow and timely delivery.